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January 2022

Spiritual Disciplines Series #3: Outward

Spiritual Disciplines Series. #3 Outward Disciplines:  simplicity, submission, giving and service
Pastor Philip Trent

Spiritual Disciplines Series #1: Why are They Important?

Series #1 – Why are They Important?
If your goal is to please God, then you need to be striving to be Christlike; and if you are striving to be Christlike, then you need spiritual disciplines.
I Timothy 4:7-8  “exercise thyself unto godliness.  For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is

Spiritual Disciplines Series #2: Inward

Series 2:  Inward Discipline: reading your Bible, spending time in prayer, alone time with God
Pastor Philip Trent

December 2021

Reason for the Season

Luke 1:67-79
Pastor Philip Trent
Christmas is not just a birthday celebration; it’s deeper than that!  Jesus began and continues the plan that will free us from sin and the the flames of hell.  Jesus’ birth wasn’t just about forgiveness and his birthday,  but about rescue and salvation.  We read in the scripture above that Zacharias said Jesus enabled us to serve God without fear but with holiness and righteousness.   Christmas is not just Jesus’ birthday but on that first Christmas He came at just the right time to set into motion the plan to save mankind from sin and hell.

November 2021

Be a Part of the Story

Matthew 1:1-16
Pastor Philip Trent
God wants every one of us in the story.  Look over the names listed in these verses:  David was an adulterer, Judah – sold his brother, Rahab – a prostitute, Ahab – a detestable king, Solomon – the wisest man but began worshiping other gods.  The Bible tells us that all have fallen short; however, God calls us all to be a part of the story.  We are continuing the story.  Jesus came to this world to seek and save those who are lost.

July 2021

Dealing With The Devil: Part 2

Sermon Series: Part 2 – Dealing with the Devil
July 4, 2021
Pastor Philip Trent

June 2021

Dealing With The Devil: Part 1

Sermon Series: Part 1 – Dealing with the Devil
June 27, 2021
Pastor Philip Trent

March 2021

Minor Prophets Series: JONAH

Minor Prophets….Major Problems Series: JONAH
Pastor Philip Trent
March 14, 2021

Minor Prophet Series: MALACHI

Minor Prophets….Major Problems:  MALACHI
Pastor Philip Trent
March 2, 2021

February 2021

Minor Prophet Series: ZEPHANIAH

Minor Prophets….Major Problems: ZEPHANIAH
Pastor Philip Trent
February 28, 2021